Help transform youth sports in St. Louis. Reach 900,000 players, coaches, families and spectators per year with your brand.


The Chesterfield Sports Complex will be more than a state-of-the-art court facility; it will be a center of recreation, community life and economic activity. The multi-court indoor facility is being developed to meet high demand in the St. Louis area for safe, accessible, and adequate space to develop student athletes, host local clubs and leagues, and attract regional and national tournaments.
The Sports Complex will be an asset to the St. Louis region, helping to increase access to and participation in recreational activities, improve health and wellness and promote economic development. Sponsors can help transform youth sports and reach tens of thousands of families with their brand.

This destination venue will:
Meet the demand for court and meeting space for athlete development, club and league play, clinics and camps, and larger tournaments.
Increase access to basketball and volleyball, two of the most popular, safe, and inclusive sports.
Help youth grow and develop through sports, from learning basic skills, fitness, and team building to preparing for the highest levels of competition.
Improve health and wellness, by increasing recreation opportunities, offering programs, and creating a safe and welcoming environment.
Boost economic development by attracting more regional and national tournaments and out-of-town visitors to St. Louis.
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Chesterfield Sports Association has secured significant commitments from its partners and a bank loan. Community support, via charitable gifts and sponsorships, is needed to make the $14 million project a reality, increase opportunities for student athletes, and to keep rental costs affordable. Securing funding by mid-July would allow construction to begin in early August.

Ballard*King & Associates (B*K) was hired to perform a market analysis and feasibility study in April 2020. They concluded there is ample interest and demonstrated need to support the Sports Complex. Key findings included:
The basketball and volleyball market in St. Louis simply does not have enough large gymnasium spaces capacity to absorb the demand.
Chesterfield, by virtue of its central location, is ideally positioned to meet the basketball and volleyball programming needs in the area.
The proposed facility has enough demand from existing groups to fill most prime-time rental space. High Performance - STL, Stratman Sports, BBE (Brad Beal Elite) and CNR Basketball are already committed.
The Sports Complex expects to attract 900,000 visitors each year to clinics, camps, leagues, and tournaments. 1,000 athletes will train there each week.


The highlighted areas of the renderings below show advertising and donor recognition opportunities for our limited sposors and partners.
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